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but killed nearby when the bicycle was killed by an s u v a roadside memorial continues to grow throughout the evening to a for classmates held back tears as they spoke of a loss of their fellow student >>> she was kind of light on bullis tomboyish should like tos out sugar cubes >>> but she was so sat she was crying and crying >>> the talk at the memorial turns to the danger of this road >>> it is a thoroughfare and racetrack not only for the high- school kids but easy to just press the pedal to the metal on the street >>> when you come back from point risher going 50 mi. an hour and a don't emphasize you don't need to slow down you can see ever body goes 50 >>> at the service a final tribute friends released balloons into the sky. the point about the dangers of this road is well taken we have covered at least two fatalities involving and people and tonight talking to people at this memorial was saw three cars racing bike when moving so fast he was crossing the center on it was very dangerous that is what people are talking about the past to be something about the transition from 55 miles
of a 20 degree jump from today 85 san mateo, and then the '90s in santa clara valley, 100 in gilroy. east of the bay antioch tracy oakley and discovery bay 100 and hotter than that in pleasant and san francisco today 62, up to 8394 in santa rosa, these temperatures are not on august of this impending heat wave will pinpoint that day it may top of 106. >>> 15 years under house arrest she was outspoken in her fight for democracy in burma activist on song so she spoke in san francisco included standing ovations in washington and the united nations anne mackovic explains why her appearance here is important >>> those of my generation will know i've come to san francisco in the right way with flowers and my hair. >>> known as " the lady " nobel peace prizewinner spoke in front of a packed house at usf. >>> we must always have our eyes clearly focused on the future even as we deal with present and its difficulties and problems. >>> in the first visit to the united states since 1971 for the political prisoner turned parliamentarian she is a key figure in the rise in democracy in burma. >>> today
at the weather. >>> we should the numbers on the cool side. it's only in the mid '40's as a cosign remains will be about 70 degrees. with the full forecast of a few minutes. >>> a fire that heavily damaged the law offices of alleles mayor is being investigated as an arson. the police say the fire is by disgruntled client and his law partner. if this arson is a crime against a mayor-year. and the pleas are also looking for the possibility of what they're calling domestic terrorism. >>> because the high-profile nature of who is involved. we to bring in subject matter which is the atf, fbi and sources that this organization and have. >>> did not confirm their involvement in the case. a tryout of a woman accused of killing a cemetery nursing student begins tomorrow. >>> the prosecutors allege that she killed the 26 year-old/year and a safe every room off the relationship with the boyfriend. she disappeared from a parking lot and her body was found months later in a remote area between pleasanton and governor jerry brown has to be to the bill that requires the agency's to a court order before d
a seven month high stocks are also on the uptake the s&p index has surged 15% this year. that is about to change with the times. >>> the best gift this holiday season may be more jobs. torres said today it will take on 45,000 seasonal workers this year 5000 more than last year. coles said a department store chain is adding more than 52,000 holliday workers about 10% more than last year. the seasonal work force will be 80 to 90,000 down slightly from a year ago and wal-mart is adding 50,000 jobs up slightly. i came stopple add 7000. >>> is about the same last year our fall season really expected a nice surge in business mike was the the senior vice president for higher says the world's largest video game retailer is bullish and holliday. >>> i think if you have a significant offering consumers are ready to spend money at the gatt on five release is a classic example apple has already sold more than 5 million iphone 5. >>> a dozen sound like an economy in recession. across the country the recovery has been an even nationally the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1% but in four state
of common security where companies check if employees can work in the u.s.. the workers would suffer. if they can support them that it should. that is a god-given right in my perspective. the per-share charge that gene was found out was once an undocumented worker himself he is now being called the hypocrites. >>> he came over here and now he has got himself to where she is and will put this back as people. unfortunately no one can choose what laws are one directions for the federal government we can choose to except for home and security agents at the school they say will only and will be battling against labor unions. >>> is not our way of marketing to the community is simply a situation where the federal government has asked us to comply with a specific program we're doing that and this is between the federal government. the decided not to march to the store because they wanted to avoid what could turn into an ugly confrontation. and looks like the boycott is schedule as plants you could call it that pepper spray pay out the video when to viral of uc students being doused with p
an aging pipe could have been far worse >>> the u.s. chemical safety board reveal the pipe that ruptured lost 80 percent of its original thickness due to corrosion >>> in measurements the surviving portion of that section of pipe had a thick mist as low as one 16th of an inch about the thickness of a penny >>> 200 people turned out at a meeting to hear an update on the investigation a spokesperson for chevron confirmed the los silicon content of the pie may have caused the corrosion and poor communications may be partly to blame >>> it does not appear this information was effectively understood and acted upon >>> many residents remain skeptical >>> right now we're fed up and increased and i'm trying to be calm here. >>> chevron wants to assure we're all protected it scares the heck at me to look out my window >>> chevron is disputed a report in the chronicle over the weekend it intentionally bypassed air quality monitoring devices the company said all foreign operations are videotaped and open to inspection no reason the company would do such a thing mark sayre cbs 5 >>> his political c
with an s u v while riding her bike on a bottle boulevard >>> one of the busiest in town without a stop light >>> i saw the bike and a blood it was sad >>> she saw the wreckage her husband was also hit by a car in the exact same area 20 years ago >>> may flood down here and down the road >>> police said a head-on collision the bike was traveling west and the s u v east, all the children ride their bikes to school and are often times to not write on the correct side of the road >>> i explained to them they cannot drive unpredictable >>> folks have placed candles and flowers across the street from where the accident took place at the driver of the s u v is cooperating according to police they do not suspect drugs or alcohol played a part at. at that sinaloa a middle schooler issued a statement that will provide counseling services tomorrow >>> parents demand answers tonight after the arrest of and how many middle school teacher, he was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14, police say the investigation focuses on an inappropriate relationship with a former st
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7